Samsung Galaxy S 4

Samsung Galaxy S 4

Samsung Galaxy S 4

Samsung unveiled the next generation smartphone Galaxy S 4 is Thursday in New York City, the rumors will be a larger display with extremely high resolution, a faster processor and trademarks Eye Scroll software to determine a user’s eyes when looking songs expects the pages in the display. Amidst widespread enthusiasm about the device, Samsung has also hinted that the GS4 is still a plastic body and not be upgraded to aluminum as with the recently announced HTC One happened According to several sources, the GS4: * A 5 “screen * Android 4 , 2 * Screen resolution of 1080 x 1920 with 440 pixels per inch (PPI) * A quad-core processor clocked at 1.7 GHz or faster * A 13-megapixel camera and a 2.2-megapixel front camera * 4G LTE * 802.11 faster Wi-Fi certified. Samsung during the Roman numeral III is used in naming the current Galaxy S III smartphone, such as the Arabic numeral 4 is preferable for the next generation, with the figure in an invitation for the event is: “Ready 4 the show – come and meet you the following Galaxy. Which Samsung to reach with the launch is, specs not only significantly higher than the current Galaxy S3 hardware and software, but with the next iPhone rival, which are expected to be launched in June, and what launch HTC and other Android phone manufacturers in 2013. The S3’s best-selling smartphone from Samsung. Samsung sells half of all Android smartphones, the top mobile operating system, with over 70% of the global smartphone market. Samsung has positioned itself as the only alternative to Apple’s iPhone, the. Having much higher expectations for the GS4 Is successful ‘s interest in the Samsung Galaxy S 4 is much greater than it was for the S3 last year, and I think consumers do not easily satisfied, but expect a lot more of the new Galaxy. Samsung takes the same risks as Apple as it encourages more software-based extensions for hardware that is difficult to sell to the consumers. But with the eye-tracking software that GS4 users can read articles on the display and when their eyes enough to the bottom of the page, the software will automatically scroll down to the next visible text.


Kitchen set – creating a cozy place

Kitchen set - creating a cozy placeWhen cooking make up and just play the color and furniture selection a major role. Kitchens are often just smaller spaces. In small rooms are always recommend bright colors because they make the room look bigger and more appealing. However, if there is a bigger kitchen and accents are translated beautifully. For example, a dark wall can be created, or a very colorful wall. The walls should never be painted all black, or too gaudy. Most neutral and bright colors like permanent rather. In the kitchen planning and design should become absolutely sure that latex wallpaper is used. This wallpaper is in fact easily washable and splashes from cooking or eating are not half bad. The furniture should be selected so that they can also color match the walls and ceiling colors.

If the kitchen is very small, it can still be cozy. The choice of colors should be limited in all cases to a light color. But the kitchen furniture can be adapted to the size. You can can customize a special kitchen that is as perfectly adapted to the needs of the space. If necessarily a dining table in the kitchen is, you can, for example, with a small counter remedy. These can be attached directly to the wall and the chairs can always be pushed back under the counter. Even folding counters are found, which can be opened and closed easily on demand. This saves space and still looks very nice.

For kitchens, there are numerous furniture. Of course, the electrical equipment and storage areas to be included in a kitchen. The cabinets should provide sufficient storage space and color match. In addition, there are many other kitchen furniture. There are plenty of table set with chairs, countertops and many decorative options. Also great glass cases, or in the kitchen spice racks are welcome and will acquire a wide selection available for purchase.
up when cooking also plays a major role in lighting. In the kitchen, it is advisable to install additional lighting on the working surfaces. Often under a cabinet, an elongated tube light be installed. These facilitate the work on the kitchen countertops. In addition, of course, should also be a normal lamp fixed to the ceiling. If eaten in the kitchen, it is advisable to attach a Dimmerungslampe. A lamp with more radiators in the kitchen can be very fit and conjure a distinctive atmosphere. The overhead light should be so light that the kitchen receives light everywhere and yet there is no unpleasant brightness.

Also the decoration in the kitchen is very important. It is often advisable to use decorations useful in the kitchen. For example, kitchen accessories serve as a wonderful decoration. A full kitchen gadgets hangenes board is always an eye-catcher. So you have different kitchen gadgets at hand and a nice decoration. Also a nice spice rack in the kitchen can conjure great effects. A knife block, a few pictures on the walls and beautiful curtains give the kitchen then the last perfect finishing touch. Always should be taken to ensure that the furniture and decorations are also attached to the remaining colors and even fallen.

The kitchen should not be present carpeting and carpet are not, as they quickly get spots and then not look nice. On the proper care of the furniture and objects should also be taken to ensure long-term enjoyment is at the kitchen equipment!

A kitchen can be set according to personal preference. Color everything should be coordinated! Even small kitchens can be practical and stylish and can be a comfortable place.